We've covered just about every significant launch of the 2020 Geneva Motor Show. While the event itself was canceled, automakers resorted to debuting their all-new cars online instead. However, there is one company that's been quiet even after they teased their upcoming model and said that it will be coming out during the week of Geneva.

That car company is Toyota and they were supposed to unveil their yet-to-be-named 'B-SUV' by now. So what happened? According to a report by Automotive News Europe, an insider from Toyota said that the reveal has been postponed. Their contact did not mention a new launch date but did say it may be pushed back 'by weeks or months'.

The 'B-SUV' was Toyota's centerpiece for Geneva and there are those who have noticed that they haven't been making any noise about it following teasers the week before. Their reason? The source said something along the lines of it being a very significant model that deserves a live reveal than an online debut. The insider said, “We expect this to be a very successful car. Some cars you look at the styling and it just looks right. This is such a car”.

What happened to Toyota

As for the still-unnamed crossover, it's based on the Yaris and, judging by the teaser and outline sketch, it draws some cues from the RAV4. There's an angular nose, swept-back windshield, and rakish tailgate. It also has high-set tail lights, much like its bigger brother. Perhaps most significant is the fact that it's all-wheel drive and has a hybrid option. Its main target in Europe is the all-new Juke, Renault Captur (the segment sales leader), Volkswagen T-Roc, and Honda HR-V just to name a few.

What Toyota could do at this point is to make its own standalone event to launch the subcompact crossover or wait for the next (big) motor show. The next major auto show is the North American International Auto Show which kicks off on June 9. However, it seems that the 'B-SUV' is slated for the European market and not likely to cross the Atlantic. The next event in Europe is in Frankfurt at the International Motor Show Germany 2020 to be held in September.

With the small crossover being a significant addition to the Toyota Europe range, it seems more likely that the company will hold a special event to launch the car than to wait six months to reveal it in a near production-ready form.