In a bid to bring vehicle electrification closer to the public, Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has established a partnership with the De La Salle University (DLSU) and staged the second leg of its Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) Campus Tour in the university’s Manila campus.

Students and faculty members participated in an educational seminar conducted by Toyota’s technical experts, which focused on the effects of Toyota hybrid technology to the environment. They also discussed the common misconceptions about hybrid electric vehicles. Aside from the seminar, attendees were given the chance to see the Prius model up-close, which was displayed at the school’s Central Plaza.

Toyota shows DLSU students benefits of hybrid electric vehicles image

“Our continuous activities on HEVs are geared towards the youth because they are the ones who will benefit most from this technology. With enough support and proper implementation, the untapped potential of hybrids can improve our transportation systems and our environment in the long-run,” said TMP first vice president Ms. Cristina Arevalo.

The DLSU leg of the Hybrid Campus Tour is part of Toyota’s global initiative to promote vehicle electrification towards sustainable mobility. In the Philippines, Toyota is firm on its stance that HEVs are the ideal transition phase for a greener and more energy-efficient automotive landscape.

Toyota shows DLSU students benefits of hybrid electric vehicles image

Last May, the Toyota Hybrid Electric Technology Conference at the Grand Hyatt Manila was attended by over four hundred guests from different sectors like the government, academe, and environmental organizations. Prior to the conference, Toyota started its Hybrid Campus Tour series by partnering with Mapua University last March.

In order to fast track the use of hybrid technology locally, TMP is set to bring in electrified versions of its existing models to the country. This is also aligned with the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050, aimed at eliminating the company’s carbon emissions by the next three decades.

Toyota shows DLSU students benefits of hybrid electric vehicles image

“TMP is well on its way to introducing various technologies and features available in other countries, such as the Hybrid Synergy Drive for fuel efficiency and Toyota Safety Sense for human safety. This year will be an exciting time for the motoring public as we continue the push for electrification, and customers can definitely expect more options from Toyota if they’re looking to own environment-friendly cars,” she added.

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