Toyota signs FJ Cruiser off with limited Final Edition


The FJ Cruiser’s swan song comes in beige

While Toyota has only recently gifted our market with the FJ Cruiser, the rugged toy truck offroader has been around for well over a decade already. With its quirky retro look, lively color options, and signature white roof, the FJ Cruiser has been well received by consumers and enthusiasts alike. With news of the FJ’s production line halting soon, it seems that time draws ever closer as Toyota announces a ‘Final Edition’ FJ for their home market.

Considering the rainbow-esque colorway that the FJ Cruiser was available in throughout the years, it seems a bit ironic that its swan song will come in a mellow shade of beige. Draped in beige including the supposedly white roof, the shade extends to the leather seat inserts as well as the center console trimming. Much unlike other FJs, the interior door cards and main console do not share the color of the beige exterior, instead being finished in piano black.

As for its exterior, since the Final Edition FJ will only be released in Japan it is well in the spec of the Japanese Domestic Market. A different rear bumper with fog lights, 18-inch wheels, and the must-have left hand fender mirror are all tell-tales of a JDM version FJ. Instead of having silver inserts for the exterior trim, the Final Edition has them finished in black to match the bumpers as well.

So, do you think Toyota will replace the FJ Cruiser with something even quirkier?

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