Toyota clinches its third consecutive title as world's biggest car manufacturer after the company was able to sell 10.23 million vehicle worldwide last 2014.

Toyota, along with its other companies, Daihatsu and Hino, saw an increase in its worldwide sales during 2014. Toyota itself managed to sell 9.14 million units (2% increase) while Daihatsu was able to sell 915,000 units (5% increase). Hino was able to increase its worldwide sales figure by 4% after selling 168,000 units.

The Japanese automaker however predicts a lower sales figure by 2015. Toyota sees a 1% decrease in worldwide sales (10.15 million) as they estimated that Daihatsu may only be able to sell 800,000 units globally. Toyota sales is still estimated to have a higher pickup of 9.18 million sales (0.4% increase) while Hino may be able to get 170,000 units sold (3% increase).

Landing second place is European auto giant Volkswagen who recorded 10.14 million sales, a 4.2% increase in sales compared to 2014. The German automaker however did not state any decline in sales for 2015.

Securing third place is General Motors who was able to have a 2% increase in global sales after being able to sell 9.92 million units. Sales of Chevrolet, Cadillac and Buick in China all saw an increase after the bow-tie brand was able to sell 717,007 units, a 10% increase compared to 2013. Cadillac on the other hand managed to sell 73,500 units, a 5% increase on the strength of a 47% increase in China. Buick nearly sold 1.2 million vehicles combined in the US and China, with the Encore SUV becoming the brand's best-selling small crossover. Globally, the Encore SUV sold for 138,218 units, a 42% increase.

GM's Opel/Vauxhall was able to deliver nearly 1.1 million vehicles in Europe, marking its highest sales and market share since 2011. Sales in the region went up by 3.4%, nearly double than the previous 1.8%.

Toyota Motors Philippines recently picked up their 13th Triple Crown after the company dominated auto sales in nearly all segments with a total of 106,110 vehicles sold last year.