Toyota Motor Philippines Foundation (TMPF) supports Filipino Matters as the official transportation for the Filipino Pride Book Tour (Luzon Leg). With Toyota's belief in the Filipino people and its objective to support enhancement of local vehicle manufacturing as a partner in national development, both organizations share the goal of establishing reasons why we should be proud to be Filipinos. From July 24 to September 11, the Innova will be used in a tour of over 40 colleges and universities all over Luzon to discuss the importance of national pride and how can it help in nation-building. Filipino Pride will soon embark on a ride towards instilling Filipino national pride powered by Innova, itself, a vehicle proudly made by Filipinos.

Filipino Matters is a non-profit, non-government organization composed of volunteers who bonded together to instill national pride, develop a greater sense of social consciousness and uplift the dignity in every Filipino through meaningful advocacies and viable social businesses. Filipino Matters develops creative and doable solutions to change people's mindsets, believing that changing so can help us move forward as a nation.

Filipino Matters will hit the road this July to promote national pride and love of country through its first project, the completed first volume of Filipino Pride. Volunteer Dale David sums up the aim of the project: "The Filipino Pride is a compilation of essays featuring the best things that we Filipinos can be proud of about our country and our people. It is a tribute to our great heroes, leaders, athletes, scientists, artists, authors and entrepreneurs who brought fame and glory to our nation through their works and deeds. It also highlights the dignity of our values, the richness of our culture and the honor of our people."

The journey is anchored on the partnership of Toyota and Filipino Matters. TMPF, thru its President Dr. David Go beams with pride as he says that the Vios and Innova are products of Filipino ingenuity and craftsmanship. In a statement, Dr. Go expressed, "We at Toyota are very proud that in spite of the challenges of trade liberalization and financial crisis, we continue to find ways to maintain the local manufacturing operations in the country. We firmly believe that the products we produce here, like Vios and Innova are at par with the world's best in terms of quality and customer satisfaction. Most importantly, they are made by skilled Filipino hands that create employment for the local economy to grow. Our support to the Filipino Pride reflects our strongest support to your endeavor to enhance the dignity of labor of every Filipino by doing their ordinary duties, extraordinarily well.