With the GR Toyota Supra being one of the crown princes of the Japanese Domestic Market, fans would expect that somehow it would still be genuinely made in Japan despite their unabashed collaboration with BMW’s Z4 platform. This next line however will have JDM fans up in pitchforks again: The Supra will actually still be made in Europe.

To be exact, the A90 Supra’s production line is now housed within the Magna Steyr, Graz plant in Austria.

If you’ve followed the development of the A90 Supra the past few years, this information isn’t particularly new by any means. Off the bat, Toyota have said that BMW will be in charge of manufacturing the Z4 alongside the FT1 concept’s production model. Considering that Magna Steyr was then phasing out some BMW models during the past few years, the rumor mill was keen to point out that they’re making space for another model in the production line – the Z4 and the Supra.

Toyota Supra rolls off same factory as Merc G-Class, BMW 5-series image

Magna Steyr’s production of the Supra is in full swing, with the first-ever production model having rolled out of the plant already. Sporting the VIN Tag ‘20201’, ‘2020’ being the year and ‘1’ being the unit number, this vehicle is specced with red mirrors and a matte grey finish. Alongside the black wheels and red interior trim, the vehicle even sports a signature by Toyota President Akio Toyoda on its engine cover. If you’ll recall, the very first production unit of the GR Supra has been auctioned off for charity at the 48th Annual Barrett-Jackson Auction in Arizona for $2.1 million.

Magna Steyr was founded in 2001 as a subsidiary of Magna International, a major auto parts manufacturer established in 1950. The company consigns development and assembly from auto manufacturers and has signed a contract with BMW concerning production consignment in 2001. They were responsible for production of Minis for a time and even the Mercedes G-Class.