Toyota transforms the Tacoma into a go-anywhere campervan

The highly anticipated Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show will take place next month, and Toyota has something special in store for everyone. One of their displays is a campervan built on a current-generation Tacoma TRD Sport called the Tacozilla.

The inspiration for Tacozilla goes back around 50 years. Toyota campervans were very popular from the 70s to the early 80s, and they were integrated onto the bed of pick-up trucks. It was a collaboration between the Japanese automaker and an RV company called Chinook. The result was some of the coolest little campers available on the market at the time.

At the moment, Toyota is still building the modified pick-up truck for the upcoming SEMA Show. They did provide an initial of the what finished product will look like, but it could still change by November. According to Team Manager Marty Schwerter, they will add more curves and make it more aerodynamic compared to the Toyota-Chinook campervans of the past.

Based on the render, the Tacoma will be a single cab unit and have retro stripes. The truck will also come with new wheels wrapped in chunky off-road tires. No images of the interior were shown, but expect a sleeper that can fit at least two. The video did reveal plans for a dining table a small kitchen, and even a toilet.

As cool as a Toyota pick-up camper sounds, the Tacozilla will unlikely make it into production, as with most SEMA builds. At least it could give owners an idea on how to modify their own pick-up trucks. The question now is whether someone would build something similar but use the Hilux as a base.