Japan’s love for singing is widely known and for Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) it seemed like a perfect fit to broadcast their passion for ‘road safety’ through seven-time Grammy Award winner Taylor Swift as she takes her act across Southeast Asia for her RED Tour this June.

‘Toyota believes that education is the basis for improving road safety, so it is focusing on young people with its Be Safety Leaders road safety campaign. The campaign emphasizes that creating a safer road environment requires a concerted effort by all road users including drivers, pedestrians and others in embracing road safety as a way of life. While Toyota constantly strives to create safer cars, it also encourages drivers and passengers to put on their seatbelts, as the simple act of buckling up helps save lives and reduce injuries from crashes,’ TMC said in a statement.

TMC has found out through extensive research in five Southeast Asian countries, only 25% of drivers and passengers wear seatbelts and that airbags work 153 times better when seatbelts are worn.

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To be able to get this message across through to markets young and old, TMC asked Taylor Swift to educate her fans on the importance and always wearing a seatbelt.  This message will come as a video screened at the concerts in June and will also be available on online and social media platforms.

In line with this partnership, each Taylor Swift concert venue will feature a Toyota exhibit that will let fans learn more about the safety programs of Toyota.