‘Teach them while they’re young’ is a saying that has gone around a lot and it also one that Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) believes in as it continues to reach out to preschool children in order to preach the need to remember the basic tenets of road safety.

Since 1975, TMC has been implementing the Toyota Safety School program that teaches kindergarten and nursery school children fundamental traffic rules and regulations like proper pedestrian crossing protocol.

Toyota teaching the kids how to safely cross the street

This year is the 42nd staging of the Toyota Safety School and it catered to 98 kindergartens, nursery schools, preschools, and company day-care centers in Toyota City, Okazaki City, Nisshin City, Miyoshi City, and Togo-cho.

Overall, TMC has been able to teach 255,811 children in at least 3,572 kindergarten and nursery schools in various parts of Japan.

The presenters during Toyota's 42nd Safety School

"In the mid-seventies, accidents involving young children were on the rise. Toyota created this program based on the belief that preventing such accidents is one of the social responsibilities of an automaker. The program has been continued as an important activity for more than 40 years. Next spring, a new generation of first-year elementary school children will begin walking to school on their own. It is our hope that all of those children will be able to walk on the streets safely and make their way to and from school full of energy. We remain committed to helping to build prosperous communities through social contribution programs so that we are welcomed as a good neighbor and a contributing member of society that meets the needs of local residents," said TMC President Akio Toyoda.