While we often turn to our friendly neighborhood parts shop in Banawe to make our SUVs ready for anything, TRD USA gives their clients a bold step ahead by creating the TRD Pro Off-road lineup. Geared with a proper lift, uprated suspension, and various other offroading gizmos, US clients may spec either a Tacoma or 4Runner in TRD Pro trim out of the box and off the dealership lot. For the 2019 Chicago Auto Show, Toyota will be expanding the TRD Pro lineup with a third model; A truck which we’ve yet to identify.

The teaser clip above doesn’t show much apart from a few body panels and a word to describe this new vehicle. Supposedly this new TRD Pro creation will be a ‘Beast’. Unfortunately, however, that doesn’t exactly help with identifying the base of this new vehicle. Considering how TRD USA has only been fettling with US-based Toyotas to begin with, our best guess is the TRD Pro lineup will move onto the larger US Toyotas such as the Tundra or the Sequoia. This may be the most likely considering it will round up the TRD Pro lineup for all US Toyota SUV/Pickup models.

If we get a little more technical however, the Tundra and 4Runner are also loosely based off the current Prado platform – albeit with different powertrain specifications. If anything, the 4Runner is very similarly specced to the FJ Cruiser – also based off the Prado – as well in terms of hardware. Seeing as the FJ Cruiser is being put to pasture after over a decade of tenure, we could also look at the possibility of this being a Prado TRD Pro instead.

The clip for this new TRD Pro creation ends with a date: February 7th, 2019. Whichever model it’s based on, we will be seeing more of this performance off-roader in a few days time.