Chulalongkorn University is set to debut and experience a unique car-sharing system that was launched in Toyota city five years ago at the end of the year.

Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd. (TMT) has announced that it will be implementing the Ha:mo ultra-compact electric vehicle (EV) sharing system within the campus of Chulalongkorn University starting December 2017.

Ha:mo may be new to the region but Toyota City has been enjoying its services since 2012 and it has now reached various parts of Japan including Tokyo, Okinawa and even Grenoble in France.

As an EV, it does no harm to the environment and as an ultra-compact unit, it is designed for short-distance, one-way travel only making it a last-mile mobility option for commuters between public transportation and a commuter’s destination.

Toyota and Thai university partner for EV ride sharing system

This partnership is in celebration of TMT’s 55th anniversary and Chulalongkorn University's 100th anniversary. Ha:mo will only be used as an in-campus car-sharing system but will be part of a study exploring ways to solve problems and air pollution plaguing major cities in emerging countries around the world.

10 units of "COMS" ultra-compact EVs will launch the service in December 2017 while 20 additional units of ultra-compact EVs will be added by mid-2018.

It is set to serve 12 stations connecting the campus to the closest train station and bus stops in the area.

User of the Ha:mo service will require registration, while payment will be through a pay-per-use system.

This is part of Toyota’s plan to deploy appropriate mobility services under their Mobility Services Platform to various global locations and scenarios in order to ‘create new value for vehicles’ while also making transportation safer for both commuter and the environment.