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Toyota to begin sales of fuel cell buses early 2017


Plans to heighten awareness of fuel cell buses ahead of Olympics 2020

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) seems to be on track to meet the goal of radically reducing tailpipe emissions by 90-percent as outlined in Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 with another fuel cell model that will be launched by early next year.

Branded as Toyota and called the Toyota FC Bus, TMC will launch fuel cell buses by early 2017 for initial use by the Bureau of Transportation of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in a fixed-route program around the city.

Known for their meticulous testing methods, TMC has put these fuel cell buses under intense scrutiny and analysis before releasing the first 100 units for public use in the Tokyo area.


TMC is strategically launching these fuel cell buses ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games and will gradually increase its availability as public acceptance grows towards the understanding of fuel cell buses and the benefits of its use as a form of public transportation for the environment.

This is also in line with TMC’s plan to realize a hydrogen-based society in the future.

The Toyota FC Bus was developed by Toyota with the cooperation of Hino Motors, Ltd., and uses the Toyota Fuel Cell System (TFCS) developed for the Mirai fuel cell vehicle (FCV).

It has a two fuel cell stacks with an output of 155 PS each and two motors producing 154 PS each with a total of 670 Nm of torque available.

In times of emergencies and disasters, the Toyota FC Bus can be used as a high-capacity external power supply system with a 9kW maximum output and a large capacity electricity supply at 235 kWh in areas like evacuation sites, schools or gymnasiums.

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