Heavy repercussions await those that break the agreement

If there is one vehicle people are excited about, it’s the all-new Toyota Land Cruiser. Franky, we won’t be surprised if a few gray market dealers already have a few units on their way into the country. Some excited buyers might have even placed deposits at local Toyota Motor Philippines dealerships as well.

The excitement isn’t just in the Philippines. Over in Japan, the new 300 Series already has thousands of pre-orders. Interestingly, the automaker isn’t allowing customers to resell the SUV. According to Japanese magazine Creative311, customers that pre-ordered a unit had to sign a waiver agreeing not to resell the vehicle. The report even goes on to say that customers cannot sell the new Land Cruiser for 12 months after taking delivery or export it.

What are the repercussions of breaking the agreement? Supposedly, customers will be barred from buying a new Toyota. It’s unclear if the ban is permanent or temporary. But from the looks of it, the automaker is serious about stopping people from reselling the new Land Cruiser.

Toyota to prevent new Land Cruiser owners from reselling, exporting them image

There are various reasons why Toyota might want to prevent owners from reselling it. For starters, they might want to prevent the original owners from possibly flipping it and earning a profit. Nobody likes scalpers and resellers, right? The automaker might be trying as much as possible to have SUVs available for people who actually want to buy them for themselves by limiting the number of units sold to a client to one.

Perhaps the more interesting detail in the fine print says that reselling or exporting the new Land Cruiser to a different country could be a “major threat to global security”. If we’re to read between the lines, the automaker might not want the vehicle to land in the wrong hands, particularly terrorist groups. Unfortunately, that has been the case for their older models, such as the Hilux and the previous-gen Land Cruisers.

It’s interesting how Toyota will implement the ban on reselling and export of the new Land Cruiser from happening. More importantly, will the automaker do the same for other countries, or is it only for Japanese customers? Hopefully, we'll find out more once TMP starts accepting reservations for the new Land Cruiser locally.

For those who can read Japanese, you can check out a copy of the pledge on the Creative311 site.