Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation (TMP) is donating a building worth P100 million to the University of the Philippines (UP) for the proposed 'GT Toyota Asian Center.'

The announcement was made by TMP chairman, Dr. George S.K. Ty, in the presence of guests led by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo during the company's 20th anniversary celebration at the Makati Shangri-La Hotel.
"The center will promote greater awareness and appreciation of Asian cultures and societies, and the Philippines' place in Asia," quoted Ty. "It will encourage dialogue and collaboration with counterpart academic and cultural Institutions in Japan, China, and other Asian countries."

UP President Emerlinda Roman and UP-Diliman Chancellor Sergio Cao acknowledge Chairman Ty's donation and believe that it will strengthen academic programs, rooted on research and teaching and focused on Asia. "The center will enhance the University of the Philippines' role in national and regional policy formulation with respect to the country's Asian linkages," explained Roman.

The structure, to be erected within a one-hectare property in the university, plans to hold an Asian library and resource center, an Asian museum, and a 500-seat capacity auditorium building. In line with this, it will also be the headquarters of the Institute of Asia Pacific Dialogue, Research and Policy Studies and of the UP Agenda for Asian Cultural Exchange and Cooperation.

The donation is the latest major contribution from Toyota in its efforts to help in the social development of the country. "We derive our resources from the society. So, we should accordingly give back to society," says Chairman Ty. "As we look forward to another twenty years of partnership with the Philippines, we will continue to strive to contribute to the country's development, to the economy as well as to society.

Last year, Japan's Toyota Motor Corporation started implementing the Philippine Peñablanca Sustainable Reforestation Project in the northern province of Cagayan. The Philippines is a recipient of an envisioned US$3-million as a comprehensive support to re-vegetate and reforest approximately 2,500 hectares of degraded, open areas in the Peñablanca protected zone and provide alternative livelihood through agro-forestry for local communities in the project site. While earlier this year, Toyota partnered with the Automotive Association Philippines in launching the P5-million Traffic Safety Model Zone project, also in the University of the Philippines.