Toyota unveiled the convertible concept of the 86 at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show and may actually make it available this year.  But what is getting fans sweaty is news about all-wheel drive (AWD) and turbo/hybrid powertrains that may be available in two years.

According to reports, a four-door version of the 86 may debut in 2016 and it will have AWD and will have turbo and hybrid options.

Still collaborating with Subaru, Toyota will use Subaru’s DIT (Direct Injection Turbo) boxer engine that puts out more than 299 PS and route that to the AWD via an eight-speed automatic transmission.

That same engine, as an upgrade, will also be incorporated on the 86 coupe in a couple of years.

Toyota is also developing a hybrid unit that will be able to deliver more power worthy of the upcoming 86.