As most manufacturers have already shifted to fully electric vehicles (EVs), it was only a matter of time before Toyota would follow the trend. Currently, Japan's largest automaker currently does not offer any pure EVs on the market. Instead, what they do offer are hybrid and fuel cell vehicles, such as the Prius and the Mirai. Toyota however, plans to change that by slowly introducing fully electric vehicles over the coming years.

Recently, Toyota released their detailed plan for the upcoming years involving EVs. By 2020, the Japanese automaker hopes to offer more than 10 battery electric vehicles (BEVs) worldwide. Additionally, the automaker hopes to offer electrified versions of every Toyota and Lexus model in their line up by 2025. With this plan, they then expect to have sales of more than 5.5 million electrified vehicles of all sorts by 2030.

Toyota's first fully electric vehicle will be first introduced for the Chinese market. From there, it will then be gradually introduced to the rest of the world. The brand's fuel cell vehicle lineup will be also be expanded to into both passenger and commercial vehicles. Though there will be BEVs introduced, Toyota says their hybrid line up will continue to grow thanks to further development of the Toyota Hybrid Sytem II and introduction of more powerful version in some models. Expect more PHEV vehicles in Toyota's line up in the 2020s.

Despite having announced all their plans, Toyota did not reveal any details on their upcoming models. What we can expect however are electrified variants, be it hybrid, fuel cell of fully electric, of every Toyota model in the coming years.