Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), with Toyota City, will soon be able to relay information obtained from vehicles to provide updates on road conditions to the government. According to a press release by TMC, Toyota Connected Cars would soon be able to assess whether the degree of road deterioration computed by the vehicle's data and actual road conditions are consistent. This data would then be sent to authorities in order to implement road maintenance and inspections should it be needed.

To be specific, the service is currently being tested in Toyota City. It will serve as an intial testing location before considering the possibility of applying it other roads in Japan. From the test in Toyota City, the company will also discuss the feasibility of applying this technology to road maintenance work.

Toyota to report bad roads for maintenance work with new tech

TMC meanwhile will extract vehicle data, both traffic information and vehicle behaviour, obtained by connected cars and perform data analysis with its Mobility Service Platform (MSP). Aside from providing road deterioration info, the Japanese automaker will also analyze the data and corellate it from actual conditions.

Should the tech be rolled out in other cities, it would help ensure safety and convinience by ensuring road surfaces are in good condition. The connected road technology will also help local governments to plan out maintenance and repair works on roads.

Currently, Toyota already has the Passable Route Map which provides real-time information on safe routes during disasters in Japan. This is done so by using data analytics based on telematics-equipped vehicles.