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Toyota to temporarily suspend Japan car production


Toyota Japan will briefly halt factory line assembly due to parts shortage

Expecting your Toyota vehicle from Japan? It might get delayed after the automaker announced that it will be suspending production in all of its vehicle assembly lines from February 8 to February 13.

According to Toyota, the cause of the temporary stop in vehicle production was caused by a sudden parts shortage due to an explosion that occurred at an Aichi Steel Corporation factory. Details about the incident are scarce, but Toyota did state that production will resume on February 15.

All overseas factories will be business as usual, however.


Toyota's Japanese plants produce about 40% of its global output. Toyota models offered in Philippines that are produced in Japan include the RAV4, Camry V6Land Cruiser and the Alphard. Lexus models are also expected to be affected by the production halt. It did not specify whether models produced by subsidiaries Hino Motors (FJ Cruiser) as well as Fuji Heavy Industries (86) are affected as well.

In an effort to avoid unnecessary stoppages, Toyota plans to include alternate production lines by Aichi Steel and acquire steel from other manufacturers.

Aichi Steel Corporation is an affiliated company under the Toyota Group. It was founded by Kichiro Toyoda in 1940, the same individual that transformed the former looming company into the automaker that it is today.

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