As a way of thanking its customers, Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation (TMPC) announces the Summerfest Promo this May. The promo makes the Innova, Altis and Vios more affordable through Toyota Savings Plus (TSP) discounts, zero percent interest, and flexible financing packages from Toyota Financial Services (TFS). TFS also offers the special graduate lease-to-own program for select variants of the Altis and Vios. Toyota topped sales in April with sales of 3,569 units, capturing 41.4 percent market share.

All Toyota customers who purchase an Innova, Altis or Vios within the promo period of May 9 to 31, 2007 are qualified to join. Participants may purchase their vehicle through TFS financing or cash basis. Promo coverage is nationwide, encompassing the TMPC the dealer network.

Toyota Savings Plus (TSP)

All buyers of the Innova (V, G, E and J variants), Altis (G, E, S, and J variants) and Vios (G, S and E variants) can automatically avail of the TSP with values as much as P70,000 for select Altis variant, P30,000 for select Vios variants, and P30,000 for all Innova variants. The TSP can be used for accessories, chattel mortgage, LTO registration, cash discounts, or TFS financing packages.

Toyota Financial Services (TFS) Financing

Promo vehicles Innova, Altis and Vios can be purchased through an attractive financing scheme through the company's financing arm, Toyota Financial Services. Zero percent interest are offered for specific variants of the promo models for either 12-month, 18-month or even 24-month financing scheme.

Aside from zero percent interest, TFS also offers low monthly payment and low down payment for promo models. For instance, at 50 percent down payment with 72 months term, Innova 2.0, Altis 1.6 and Vios 1.3 can be purchased with monthly payment of P7,429, P6,579 and P6,060 respectively. On the other hand, at 10% down payment, the said models can purchased at P76,300, P72,300 and P61,500 respectively.

TFS Graduate Lease-To-Own Program

TFS offers the Graduate Lease-to-Own program to fresh graduates or for those who have graduated within the past three years. This graduate program is specially made for those who are ready to take on the challenges by jump starting their career and getting ahead with their very own Toyota Altis J or Vios E. The program requires a guarantee deposit for as low as 10 percent, with maximum term of 72 months, and free chattel fees. Additional freebies include 1 st monthly lease payment (for Altis J variant only), 3-year LTO registration, TFS Protect accident insurance program and TFS Auto Care service maintenance program.

Toyota Captured 41.4 percent Market Share in April

The May promo is offered to all valued Toyota customers as a way of thanking them for making TMP the consistent number one automotive company in the country. In April, Toyota topped auto sales with 3,569 units sold. Toyota maintains its triple crown title by leading both the passenger car and commercial vehicle segments as well. In the PC category, Toyota led with 38.1 percent market share with combined sales of Vios, Altis and Camry totaling to 1,118 units. In the CV segment, the company led with 2,451 units sold, double the sales of its nearest competitor. The top three best selling vehicles for April remains to be Toyotas: the locally manufactured Innova in the first place, the new compact multipurpose vehicle Avanza in the second place, and the Vios in the third spot with last month's sales of 785 units, 697 units, and 636 units respectively.