Crown Sport Z will also have a plug-in hybrid variant

After Toyota launched the Crown crossover SUV last year, the first (of three models) was finally revealed in production form. This sleek, low-riding SUV is the all-new Crown Sport Z, set for market launch in November 2023.

Toyota says this is the “most creative model within the Crown Series.” Hopefully, it does not dampen the mood for clients and customers looking forward to what the sedan and estate will look like. What they should have been more creative with is the name. While the Crown marque stands out, simply calling this model ‘Sport’ is like naming your $2,000 Akita “dog.” But that is a discussion for another day.

Toyota unveils first model of Crown sub-brand, the Sport Z image

Thankfully, the Japanese automaker was not exaggerating about the vehicle’s looks. It has what Toyota calls a hammerhead shark-like façade with slim daytime running lamps and shadows created by short extensions covering the lights and upper grille. The larger air intake at the bottom with a black mesh completes the look.

At the back are rear fenders extending from the D-pillars to make it ‘lower’ than it really is. It has 21-inch aluminum wheels with larger outer diameter tires that give it a wide stance. Overall, the style and design of the Crown Sport Z is stunning. However, we couldn't help but see some similarities with the Ferrari Purosangue which are purely coincidental.

Toyota unveils first model of Crown sub-brand, the Sport Z image

Inside is Toyota’s island architecture design, which isolates the driver using black elements, from the displays to the switches and even the gear shifter. The only thing that breaks the monotonous color tone is thin silver accents. The designers believe this kind of setup lets the driver concentrate on driving.

Taking into account ingress, egress, and driving posture, the hip point is calibrated based on the large-diameter tires, while the height of the rocker panels, differences in levels, and the shape of rear door trims aid leg movement. The Crown Sport features Toyota's first sound-regulating ceiling that reflects sounds within the cabin to create a space where occupants can communicate directly with each other to make conversations easier.

Toyota unveils first model of Crown sub-brand, the Sport Z image

The Crown Sport Z will initially have a 2.5-liter parallel hybrid system but a 2.5-liter plug-in hybrid system with a newly developed large-capacity lithium-ion battery for extended EV-mode cruising range. It will be the next variant coming out before other models/body styles.

Passengers can feel safe knowing the Crown Sport Z will have the latest version of Toyota Safety Sense, which includes Proactive Driving Assist, Toyota Teammate Advanced Drive, Blind Spot Monitor, Panoramic View Monitor, Safe Exit Assist, Radar Cruise Control, Lane Tracing Assist, and Connected Navigation support The latter connects with the Toyota Smart Center and uses center-acquired data.

Toyota unveils first model of Crown sub-brand, the Sport Z image

If you are more interested in other models, Toyota says the Crown Sedan next month and the Crown Estate by the first quarter of 2024.

Toyota - since October 6, 2023 - has been accepting orders for the Crown Sport Z, but for now, only in Japan. It retails for JPY 5.9 million (PHP 2.241 million without taxes and import fees). Cross your fingers (and toes) that we get this model sooner rather than later.