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Toyota Vios sets new sales record for August 2013


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The Toyota Vios has set a new sales record for August 2013 with 2,125 units in a single month. The new record surpasses the previous sales record of 1,760 units sold in December 2012.

“Having to reach this number of units sold in one month can be attributed to the trust that the customers have shown towards the Full Model Change Vios. On top of its already known quality features, this new model embodies excitement in every angle making it a car that is fun-to-drive for everyone,” said TMP President Michinobu Sugata.

The Toyota has been around the local automotive industry for 10 years already. Just last July, TMP launched the 2014 Toyota Vios at the SMX Convention Center. Since its 2003 introduction, the Vios has been considered as a top selling vehicle. The subcompact sedan is placed just under the Toyota Corolla Altis, and directly competes with the Honda City, Hyundai Accent, Ford Fiesta, Mazda2, and some other cars.


Following the 2014 Vios launch, people will be able to see modified versions of the car in the Toyota Vios Cup. The exhibition race will be on October 12 at the Clark International Speedway. But as early as now, participating drivers have been given a chance to test the cars on the track already.

Aside from the new Vios, 1,129 units of the Toyota Innova were sold last month making it the highest-selling commercial vehicle model in August. It might just be a matter of time before the new facelifted Innova comes to the Philippine shores.

Toyota posted a total of 6,007 vehicles sold allowing it to have a 43.8% market share (40.3% year to date sales). Of the 6,007 vehicles, 2491 units are accounted for passenger car sales while 3,516 units are accounted for commercial vehicle sales.

With its sales performance, Toyota continues to be the market leader in the Philippine automotive industry.

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