One thing Chuck Norris is known for – apart from the numerous action movies – is that he has become a meme; having superpowers, immense strength and capable of doing almost anything. Chuck Norris facts anyone? Recently however, the renowned movie star starred in a new ad for the Toyota Tacoma. Toyota then played with the superpowers idea by turning the said Tacoma into a superhero just like Chuck Norris.

The ad shows Chuck Norris signing the Tacoma's fender's. Once signed, the pick up quickly leaps into action and does numerous things that only Chuck Norris could do. The Tacoma started out by doing donuts which with the tire marks drawing a picture of his face. It then proceeds to help people by first saving a park ranger from quicksand. It does so using a magic rope which shoots out the grill with Toyota displaying the message “Magic winch not available”. Later on, the superhero pickup then saves a falling construction worker and gets a football out of a tree.

Toyota wants to deal roundhouse kicks with Chuck Norri

Apart from helping people, the Tacoma also does other things that Chuck Norris does such as surfing, dancing and even playing chess. It even wins at street fights. At the end, we see Chuck Norris' agent has already replaced the actor for the Tacoma. I mean, it was capable of doing everything the actor could.

Toyota wants to deal roundhouse kicks with Chuck Norris

That said, Toyota does not recommend doing any of the aforementioned activities done in the ad. Furthermore, the ad is part of a new multi-model campaign. Specifically, this ad shows how tough the Tacoma, and other Toyota pickups are and can pull through almost any situation, just like Chuck Norris would.

You can watch the Chuck Norris powered Toyota Tacoma in the video above.