What's the worse thing that can happen to your car apart from being involved in an accident? Finding out that it has been stolen.

Toyota, it seems, is looking at a way of deterring car thieves from stealing your car in the future. How so? By installing an anti-theft system that releases tear gas. That's right, Toyota is going to extreme lengths to keep your car safe from unwanted hands.

Recently, Toyota filed a patent at the US Patent & Trademark Office (USTPO) for the said device. Supposedly, the system will work via a fragrance dispenser inside the vehicle. The system will serve two tasks; perfume the air inside a car, as well as deliver the tear gas agent should the system detect signs of intrusion.

Toyota wants to deter car thieves with tear gas system image

The fragrance dispenser is connected to what Toyota calls a 'mobile data terminal' (which could be another term for a smartphone) which will allow users to customize the settings and choose the scents they want for their car. It can also be set for multiple individuals and will even come with a deodorizing agent that will clear the car of unwanted smells.

But should a thief try to start your car without the correct mobile data terminal, the system will immobilize the vehicle and release tear gas while the perpetrator is inside the car. While the system will prove substantial in theory, we're not entirely sure if the tear gas system will be kept intact should the vehicle get into a crash and spray the owners with the noxious chemical.

Whether Toyota is seriously considering building such a device, we'll have to wait and see if Toyota really wants to resort to such measures in order to keep your car safe from thieves.