The Toyota Vios and the Yaris are among the automaker's best-sellers, but the two aren't exactly the newest in the market. Yes, both were significantly re-skinned about a year ago, but the chassis is getting on a bit. In fact, the platform is already about six years old. 

But that's about to change soon as Toyota has unveiled their upcoming platform that will underpin most subcompact Toyota models. As the Vios and Yaris are classified as subcompacts, what we're looking at here is essentially the next-generation models for the two.

There's no body attached to the chassis just yet, so we have no idea how the hatch and sedan will look just yet. However, Toyota did say the enhancements made to next-generation small car platform. Not only that, the chassis will put those cars in line with the Toyota New Global Architecture or TNGA.


Dubbed the TNGA GA-B (Global Architecture – B Segment), Toyota shared key improvements over the current generation. First off is the front suspension which now uses a new McPherson strut system featuring low-friction dampers. Also, the chassis allows for a modular set up for its rear suspension. The platform can be paired with either a torsion beam axle or multi-link. Height can also vary depending on the application, boosting the platform's flexibility and versatility.

Toyota added that TNGA GA-B has been optimized for interior space. The seating position has been lowered, likely to give more headroom. At the same time, steering position has been improved, hinting that the Vios and Yaris might soon come with a telescopic wheel adjuster. Also, they mentioned that they have designed it in a way their cars won't look too similar with each other. Does this mean the Vios and Yaris will have very distinct designs in the near future?

For now, Toyota hasn't mentioned when TNGA GA-B will hit production. Given that their subcompact models have recently been updated, the all-new models might come in about two or three years.