It seems Toyota anticipates that there will be a high demand for their GR sport models in the near future. Considering the reaction of enthusiasts all over the world from the recently launched GR Yaris, we were not surprised. As such, Toyota has decided to establish a new GR factory dedicated to producing GR sports cars.

According to Toyota, the special factory for GR sports cars will comprise a number of different cells connected by automatic guided vehicles. It will also include what Toyota described as “conveyor-less body and assembly lines”.

The automaker says this production method allows them to produce vehicle bodies with high rigidity and install parts with higher accuracy. In comparison, this would be hard to do with a standard production line where everything needs to move fast. More importantly, the lines of the GR Factory are capable of catering to multi-type, small-lot production. This makes sense as Toyota will be building models other than the GR Yaris in this special factory.

“We gathered highly-skilled workers from throughout Toyota at this plant, which is also used for handing down technical skills to other workers. From mass production to thoughtful multi-type, small-lot production... evidently, Gazoo Racing Company is also taking up the challenges of new manufacturing methods,” said Toyota Gazoo Racing president Shigeki Tomoyama.

Toyota didn’t disclose what models will be built at the new GR Factory, but expect the GR Yaris to be built there. At the same time, future GR Sport models will also be built in the same special factory.

Does this mean that the GR Supra will also be built here? We highly doubt that. Currently, the GR Supra is still being built in the same factory building the BMW Z4 at Magna Steyr in Austria. Nonetheless, it makes us wonder what other GR models will we see in the future.