Could TRB's threat bring significant improvements on expressways?

The drama on RFIDs is far from over.

As you may recall, Valenzuela City Mayor Rex Gatchalian recently suspended NLEX Corporation's business permit in the city due to the horrendous traffic brought by the toll operator's shift to a fully-cashless system. Today, NLEX Corporation has revealed its plan of action to address the issue in the coming months. Once the action plans are implemented, we expect to see improved traffic flow along NLEX and within Valenzuela City itself.

All good then. But, it seems the issues don't end with NLEX's list of action plans. Now, the Toll Regulatory Board (TRB) has also released its own list of actions toll operators need to achieve as not to inconvenience motorists with the newly implemented RFID-only toll payment scheme. Operators that don't follow and continue to violate the implementing rules and regulations will be fined and even suspended from collecting toll-fees.

TRB threatens to suspend toll collection of expressways with faulty RFID image

Per the TRB's official announcement, toll operators must “aggressively pursue and consistently implement” the following measures: Immediate replacement of worn-out/defective sensors(readers), related RFID equipment, and RFID tags; Relocate/reposition RFID installation & reloading lanes that hamper traffic flow; Maintain, improve/upgrade systems software; Enhance traffic management; Improve customer service assistance.

Those steps seem familiar? Well, the TRB's orders are similar to NLEX's action plans albeit more condensed. Not surprising either considering the announcement isn't just target at Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation (MPTC) operated expressways, but also San Miguel Corporation (SMC) expressways.

With the TRB now threatening to suspend toll fee collection, expressway operators should make actual changes to see improvements along expressways. That's unless they want to follow in the footsteps of tollbooths situated in Valenzuela City, free for all.