When the A90 Toyota Supra was revealed to the Japanese market, Toyota also took the opportunity to celebrate the moment by inviting owners of previous-gen Supras to showcase their pride and joy. It was then when they announced that they would be reproducing certain parts of the A70 (third gen) and A80 (fourth gen) Supras to ensure that more of these vehicles can stay on the road in the future.

Supra owners and fans across the globe lauded Toyota for this move, as we all know that the logistical and financial effort it takes to bring old parts back into production is not an easy task at all. It seems all is well in the world of Toyota’s crowning sports car, yet somehow things are about to get even better.

Legendary 3000GT A80 Supra TRD bodykit makes a comeback image

Speak to any Supra afficionado and they will tell you that one of the rarest kits for the A80 would be the TRD 3000GT kit released in the mid-90’s. Supposedly mimicking the look of their JGTC cars sans the racing liveries, the TRD 3000GT kit was made in very limited numbers and applied to road-going versions of the Toyota Supra.

Since its unveiling at the 1994 Tokyo Auto Salon and even being present as a rare collectible vehicle in Gran Turismo, the most astute among A80 fans have cemented the TRD 3000GT as the 'Holy Grail of Supras'. Now it appears TRD is bringing the legend back, as word is they will be reproducing the entire 3000GT bodykit in limited numbers.

Legendary 3000GT A80 Supra TRD bodykit makes a comeback image

Consisting of the Front Bumper, Front Chin Spoiler, ducting, wider front and rear fenders, side steps, rear bumper, a vented hood, and two choices of massive rear spoilers, the 3000GT kit transforms the JZA80 Supra into a touring car for the street. All reproduction parts will be made in Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) with a white gel coat finish – making it easy to prep for paint.

Currently we have no idea whether this kit is only offered for local Japanese clients or it will be made available internationally, but considering its supposedly ‘limited run’, we’ll assume it’s for the former. Either way the whole setup, according to TRD’s Japanese website, will set buyers back a cool JPY 1.2 million for the entire kit without taxes and freight charges.

Legendary 3000GT A80 Supra TRD bodykit makes a comeback image

Whoever is lucky enough to get one of these coveted bodykits must really love their Toyota Supra.