After a very long wait, the fifth generation Toyota Supra finally made its debut a few weeks ago at the 2019 NAIAS in Detroit. Now, Toyota’s in-house tuning division, Toyota Racing Development (TRD), seems to have already made modifications to the GR Supra, and will soon debut a TRD concept at the upcoming Osaka Auto Messe on February 9. If you haven’t heard of the event, it is essentially the Kansai equivalent of the Tokyo Auto Salon in Japan. 

As of writing, TRD did not reveal any details about the concept aside from it’s full name – Toyota GR Supra Performance Line Concept TRD – together with a teaser sketch of the concept vehicle. The sketch shows that the concept will sport a large fixed rear wing coupled by a vented hood. Judging by the lines of the front bumper, it could also have a more aggressive looking front chin and splitter.

TRD Performance Line concept to give the GR Supra a meaner look  image

Once revealed, the concept will likely preview a wide range of TRD parts and accessories which will be made available to the GR Supra once it goes on sale in Japan. These parts will likely include suspension kits, brakes and even new exclusive TRD wheels aside from the changes made to the car's exterior. For now, it is still uncertain whether the TRD parts shown at Osaka will be exclusive to Japan only or be offered to other markets around the world.

The upcoming concept won’t be the first time TRD has decided to modify the Supra by giving it an all new exterior appearance. Back then, TRD also modified the A80 Supra with a kit called the TRD 3000 GT, which are inspired by Toyota's JGTC racers. The question now is whether the new TRD Supra kit will look as good as the old one.