Are you willing to shell out more than PhP 250,000 to dress up your 2021 Toyota Fortuner?

This is what Toyota Motor Philippines is offering for the new TRD Sportivo kit for the refreshed SUV. Just like the TRD upgrade revealed in Indonesia yesterday, the kit gives the updated Fortuner a sportier and more aggressive look. At the same time, it helps the SUV stand out from the top-of-the-line LTD version.

TRD kit for 2021 Toyota Fortuner now available in PH image

But what exactly will you be getting in the kit and just how much will each piece cost?

For starters, the front and rear spoilers cost PhP 40,500 and PhP 37,000 respectively. Meanwhile, the blacked-out front grille will set you back PhP 32,600. Those looking to put TRD foglight ornaments will have to pay PhP 4,900 for a set. As for the window visors, it will set you back PhP 11,800.

TRD kit for 2021 Toyota Fortuner now available in PH image

Plan to get the 18-inch TRD alloy wheels as well? Each one retails for PhP 24,700. Yes, that's per piece. If you want to make them look even cooler, TRD wheel center caps are also available for PhP 3,100 per piece. Last but not least are the TRD emblem and the TRD tape stripe (available in either black or gray) which have a sticker price of PhP 4,000 and PhP 8,800 accordingly.

All in all, the TRD kit with all four wheels and center caps will retail for PhP 250,800. Not exactly affordable, but TMP is also offering a cheaper alternative. Those that plan to only buy the front and rear spoilers, the TRD tape stripe, and the TRD emblem will only have to shell out PhP 80,000 (PhP 90,148 if the pieces are bought individually). It won't come with extra bits like the alloy wheels and windows visors, but at least this will cost less than PhP 100,000.

TRD kit for 2021 Toyota Fortuner now available in PH image

So if you really do plan on giving your Fortuner the complete TRD look, be prepared to spend over a quarter of a million Pesos.