When you buy a Jeep Gladiator, it's hard to resist making a few modifications to it. There are a lot of accessories and mods to choose from, after all. These either can be small parts like LED light bars, or something as extreme as a lift kit and chunky mud-terrain tires. The latter can also enhance the off-roading ability that the Gladiator already has out of the box. At the same time, it's one way to make your pick-up truck stand out from the other Gladiators you might encounter on the road.

If you do want to tinker with your Gladiator, Jeep Philippines is giving a few pointers on how. They're also offering customization packages to make your pick-up truck even more trail-ready. Going off-road is becoming more popular. Since the Gladiator can easily do so, why not try it?

Starting with the tips, the first is by playing with the truck's color. The Gladiator is offered with a wide range of colors, ranging from bright red to a more subtle black contrasted by dark colors. Don't like the factory options? There are always wraps. You can either go for a monochromatic look or be bold and choose loud colors. The choice is yours.

Trick out your Jeep Gladiator with these factory accessories image

Found a color you like? Why not play with prints, patterns, and textures. May it be stripes, hexagonal print, or the 1941 Design hood decal, it’s great to explore the multifaceted variations. Jeep Philippines suggests that when combining different patterns, it should be cohesive.

Lastly, it's accessorizing the truck. Again, the choices are limitless, and there will be mods for nearly all parts of the Gladiator. Even the interior can be dressed up to your liking. Don't want to go to different shops to shop for parts? Jeep Philippines is offering exclusive sets of accessories for the rugged pick-up truck.

The basic set starts at PHP 162,000 and comes with a steel running board, 7-inch LED headlights, and a 4-inch LED foglight set with DRLs. The other set includes the same set of parts but includes a steel bumper, grab handles, and a removable rack kit. This kit retails for PHP 174,000 and effectively turns your pick-up ready for weekend adventures off-road. Since the kits come from Jeep directly, both come with a 1-year warranty.

Interested in Jeep Philippines' kit for the Gladiator? You can visit the nearest Jeep dealership near you.