The Trip Barker application was chosen the as best entry at the recently concluded Philippine Transit App Challenge. The application compiles data from various sources so that the Metro Manila commuter is well-informed before setting out on trips.

It is mainly intended for commuters who use the metro’s public transports. It works as a trip planner providing information to individuals on how to reach their target destination. It includes details on possible options for the trip including public transportation routes, estimated travel time, and travel fare.

However, the Trip Barker can also be useful to commuters travelling in their private vehicles. While it displays possible routes for the destination, the user can also view real-time information on traffic conditions through the ‘Incidents’ and ‘Traffic’ tabs. Moreover, there is also a display for weather conditions, and tabs for nearby establishments and events along the chosen route.

By registering with the Trip Barker via a mobile phone, users will be able to unlock even more features. Once logged in, the application tracts your location via GSM/Wifi Triangulation or GPS. And as a registered user, an individual can create new points of interests, promote events, and provide real-time data on traffic and weather.

The mobile version of the application uses Javascript and HTML5, and is designed for smart phones. Among other features of the Trip Barker are: Trip Barker for Android, Low Bandwidth Trip Planner, SMS Based Trip Planner, Trip Barker Reports, and Trip Barker API.

Try out and learn more about the new travel application.

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