For the past few years, the country has experienced countless road tragedies, some claiming innocent lives. These could have been avoided if drivers and road users were given proper education and training structures.

Recently, the Tuason Racing School Driver Development Academy (TRS-DDA) decided to take the matter into its own hands.

TRS offers online Road Safety course

Founded by International racecar driver, JP Tuason, and wife, motoring columnist, Jeanette Tuason, the TRS-DDA is now offering a hands-on road safety course online especially designed for the Philippine environment. In addition, it also provides racing techniques which will help make safer and better drivers.

TRS offers online Road Safety course

“We have always believed that the reason why our drivers have no discipline is because they are not aware or had no access to the correct driver education. Most of the road users and drivers learned from their friends, uncle, and fathers. We are trying to make driver education accessible by taking it online,” said JP Tuason.

The company reaches about five thousand individuals per year and has been partners with both the private and public sectors in the quest of making our roads safer by creating awareness and educating the current and the next generation of drivers.

“Road Safety is everyone’s problem and responsibility. A speeding car will not stop because you are a woman, child, rich, poor, employed or unemployed. It kills indiscriminately. We need to start teaching our kids how to be good road citizens. We all share the road, we all need to be responsible for it,” said Jeanette Tuason.

The first online course available is the Better Driver Course, aimed for all drivers regardless if they have only been driving for months or several decades. The course fills the gap left by the country’s lack of driving education. This includes: road safety basics, understanding of road rules and driving courtesies, getting familiar with how your vehicle works, along with parking as well as pre-trip must dos.

The TRS DDA said that they are planning to launch the next 2 courses by 2017, followed by programs and teaching aids, which aims to create awareness and uplift road safety education in the country.