Over the past decade, both pickup trucks and SUVs are becoming the country's all in one vehicle. Their versatility, utility and practicality make it a hit among the motoring public today. Because of that, off-road trailing is also growing recreation in the Philippines with more and more people setting up their SUVs and pickups to take on the beaten path.

This is where Profender, distributed by Gyro Fuzion Enterprises Co. Inc since 2014, come in with their latest line of off road suspension kits for your SUV and pickup.

Profender OEM Performance Series 2.0

Profender is a Thailand based company that specializes in SUVs and pickup trucks and has been offering off-road suspension upgrades since 1976. Their latest arrivals in the country include the OEM Performance series 2.0 and the Mono Gas, a monotube damper without a reservoir.

OEM Performance series 2.0 measures in with a 46 mm Piston, a 20 mm Rod and a 52 mm Outer Shell. The damper is finished in chrome with aluminum in its part of the body and features a monotube system. Inside the damper is nitrogen gas and can handle pressures of up to 200 psi. OEM Performance series 2.0 is made for high performance use and is also repairable.

Monotube Without Reservoir

Profender Mono Gas is made for those who will tackle tougher trails and features a monotube design with a 40mm piston and a 20mm shaft. This damper provides excellent performance and is designed to give a more comfortable and improved ride. Low pressure Nitrogen Gas prevents oil buildup inside the damper, allowing them to work more consistently. The piston has a Teflon coating allowing it to slide more smoothly and last longer. The highly polished Chrome shaft ensures long shaft life an the shock absorber velocity sensing valve can accurately control the required damping force for different conditions. High quality seals are designed to protect against oil leaks and perform very well even in dusty and dirty conditions. Profender products carry an ISO 9000 and TS 164949 certification, ensuring durability and dependability.