Going into the 12-second mark in quarter mile (0-400) drag racing is no easy task. Often, getting to the 12's involves choosing the right platform to build on and a lot of time and money spent on modifications. However, one shop has managed to enter the 12-second zone with - of all things - a diesel SUV.

Profab used a Toyota Fortuner as their base to set the record run. The tuning shop modified the 3.0-liter 1KD-FTV diesel engine by fabricating a custom turbo kit attached to a F55V turbocharger with a Profab custom front mount intercooler and aluminum charge pipes. An AEM water/methanol injection kit and and electric fuel pump was also installed together with a Nitrous Oxide Systems (NOS) nitrous kit to make the most out of their setup. The ECU was also tuned inhouse, which combined with all the modifications pushes out 373 all-wheel horsepower and 819 Nm of torque on a Dynojet.

Tuned Toyota Fortuner runs quarter mile in 12.9 seconds

The Fortuner was able to do a 13.0-second pass during its first few passes during the first day of the Triple 8 Cup last weekend. It already managed to beat the previous diesel record holder in the country, which was a Mitsubishi Montero that had a 13.7-second run. Later in the afternoon, the Fortuner managed to breach into the 12-second range with a 12.9 run. The run was done using 20-inch Achilles UHP tires, with the only weight reduction performed being removal of the 2nd and 3rd row benches as well as the front passenger seat. This currently makes it the fastest drag diesel SUV in the country, and the first 12-second diesel car.

Ironically, the Profab's Fortuner appears like any other one found on the road. Apart from the wheels and the front mount intercooler, no one would expect that a casual looking SUV is capable of doing a 12-second pass. To put this feat into perspective, a 12-second car here would likely be a Honda or a Toyota lightened with carbon fiber bits coupled with a really aggressive engine setup.

We would like to congratulate Profab for achieving this feat.