Ever since the 5th generation Toyota Supra debuted last January, the all-new model has been welcomed with mix reviews. In particular, purists and keyboard warriors seem to haven taken aim at the Supra's BMW sourced powerplant and components, essentially calling it a re-branded Z4. Well, if you happen to be one such purist planning to buy an A90 Supra soon and don't like the BMW engine that comes with it, this one company will soon be offering a 2JZ-GTE swap kit for the 2019 Supra.

Aftermarket performance company CX Racing has announced on Facebook that they will soon be offering pre-orders for the 2JZ swap kit soon. For the time being, CX Racing has kept a tight lip regarding the swap kit and has not mentioned any details such as price and parts included. It was not mentioned as well whether customers would have to source their own 2JZ engine or it will be included in the kit. One such possiblity is because deliveries of the all-new Supra have yet to begin.

For those wondering, the 5th generation Supra uses a BMW-sourced B58 engine which is a 3.0-liter turbocharged straight-six unit similar to the 2JZ. It produces 340 PS and 500 Nm which are already impressive figures. However, no manual transmission is currently offered making the only choice being an 8-speed ZF transmission.

As for the 2JZ-GTE, the ever popular engine produces 'only' 280PS and 451 Nm of torque for Japan models. In the US and Europe, the power for the 2JZ-GTE was rated at 325 PS. While it does seem to be a downgrade from the BMW B58 considering it is an old engine, the 2JZ does have an advantage in the form of customization. Thanks to large aftermarket support however, it is easy to bump power on the 2JZ to excess of 1,000 PS.

With no details just yet, it seems like we will have to wait until CX Racing reveals their 2JZ-swapped A90 Supra in the near future. Let's hope they also swap in a manual transmission as well, which could entice owners to do the swap as well considering there is still no confirmation whether a manual Supra will debut.