More and more automakers are starting to offer EV-conversions for their classic vehicles such as Volkswagen with the Beetle and the Samba buses. However, Mini has yet to offer one for the original Mini built from the 1960s to 2000s. Fortunately, one British company is now offering EV conversion for the small city car. Better yet, you don’t even need to fly your car to the UK. Instead, you can just do it yourself in the garage as the parts will be shipped to you.

This British company sells “bolt-on” EV conversion for classic Mini image

Swindon Powertrain is currently selling EV conversion kits for the classic Mini which owners can install at a garage or by themselves. The kit is meant to fit in the tight engine bay of the original Mini without any modification needed. It even comes with all the brackets and screws needed for installation. Yes, it is essentially a “bolt-on” EV drivetrain swap.

The standard kit is called the HPD E powertrain and includes an electric motor rated for 107 HP with a peak output of 160 HP, a single-speed transmission, an open differential, and all the relevant cables. While some may say 160 HP is not that much, it is still more powerful than any of the Mini’s original engines.

This British company sells “bolt-on” EV conversion for classic Mini image

All of these parts then bolt on to the Mini’s original subframe. After the new EV drivetrain has been installed, owners will have to source additional components such as a battery pack, a motor controller, and an on-board charger. Fortunately, all the parts needed are available from Swindon Powertrain as an option. Customers can source them from other aftermarket companies producing EV parts.

While you don’t have to ship the vehicle over to the UK, the kit itself isn’t that cheap at £8,850 (PhP 554,000) before taxes and shipping. Do remember you still need a battery, electronics control, and a charger; all of which aren't cheap either. But hey if you do the conversion yourself, you will save money on labor. 

Those interested may now order the EV conversion kit from Swindon Powertrain's website with deliveries beginning in December.

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