After 5 years of very fruitful tenure as president of Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC), Mr. Toru Koyasu will take on a new assignment at one of the Isuzu group of companies in Japan effective April 20. Succeeding him is Mr. Yoshifumi Komura, who arrives at the Philippines by mid-April.

Mr. Komura joined Isuzu Motors Limited in April 1978 and stayed there until November 1982. Afterwards he transferred to Fuji Isuzu Motor Company Limited where he's been with until August 1984. From 1984-1996, he assumed various managerial positions within the organization and from 1997-2003, he was general manager in different overseas operation units of Isuzu Motors Limited.

As the new IPC President, Mr. Komura will draw from his vast experience on local and international business strategies in order to augment Isuzu's ultimate goal of being a leader in commercial vehicle sales.