Wilkstark Marketing Corporation, the official Philippine distributor of Turtle Wax, launched the ICE car care product line today. These latest premium products contain new innovative formulas that are meant to provide the shine and protection in cars with limited effort. Each product in the ICE line is designed for different applications but ensures the optimum quality the brand is known for.

Included in the ICE line up are:

  • The Turtle Wax ICE Wax, available in liquid, spray, and paste formulas. The product can be applied to all car exterior surfaces including rubber, vinyl, and trims. The new formulation gives the car a lasting shine that repels dirt. Moreover, this product can be applied under direct sunlight and hot surfaces without leaving streaks.
  • The Turtle Wax ICE Wash. The biodegradable formulation provides a safe and gentle cleaning property to your car, and gives it a fresh waxed look.
  • The Turtle Wax ICE Detailer gives a mirror-like gloss to your car. The spray-on-formula has cleaning properties and deposits water-beading polymers to your car’s surface.
  • Lastly, the Turtle Wax ICE Total Interior Care. It is an all-in-one product capable of cleaning and protecting interior components. It is safe for plastic, soft vinyl, and leather interiors.

Aside from these products, the event gave the attendees a preview of Turtle Wax’s professional product line. Among those previewed are the Paint Coating Kit, Exterior Trim Coating Kit, Tire Coating Kit, Glass Coating Kit, and Leather Coating Kit.

The Turtle Wax ICE Premium Car Care Products are now available in select mall retail and automotive stores nationwide while the new professional line is scheduled to reach the stores in the second quarter of 2014.