For those who have been following the British automotive scene or has played Gran Turismo before, they would know that TVR has not been active in recent years. In fact, the last models that the British sportscar maker was the Sagaris and the Tuscan back in 2004. A few years after, the company then folded and would not be heard of again until this year as they teased a new model.

After months of teasing and holding private viewings for customers, TVR has officially returned under new ownership. Together with its return, the British brand also brings back the TVR Griffith as its new lead model.

TVR returns to the market along with Griffith as first model

Taking a closer look at the all new Griffith, it's design has retained the essence of TVR's older models. The side exit exhaust, the high mounted headlights, and the sculpted front wheel arches are reminiscent of the Tuscan and Sagaris.

Underneath, the Griffith has Cosworth developed 5.0-liter V8 stays true to TVR's old school recipe. The engine produces 400 PS and is dry sumped to lower center of gravity, giving it a 50/50 weight distribution. The V8 is then mated to a Tremec Magnum six-speed manual, which allows the Griffith to go from 0-100 km/h in under four seconds and reach a top speed of 322 km/h.

TVR returns to the market along with Griffith as first model

Involved in developing the body was Gordon Murray, which used his new iStream technology to simplify the manufacturing process of the carbon fiber and improve structural rigidity. The chassis is built out of carbon composite combined with aluminum and steel, allowing it to weigh only 1,250 kg.

Double wishbone suspension, adjustable coil-over dampers and concentric springs help the Griffith to take corners well. Six piston and four piston brake at the front and rear get the 400 PS sports car to slow down. ABS and traction control comes standard unlike previous models.

So far almost, all of the 500 Launch Edition Griffiths have been sold. Larger-scale production of the TVR Griffith will begin next year.