Subaru shuts down plant for 10 days, major suppliers affected by Typhoon Hagibis

Typhoon Hagibis was one of the most powerful storms ever recorded to date, and it hit Japan really hard.

Aside from the vast damage and casualties it brought about, the typhoon also caused widespread flooding and landslides all over the country. As a result, Subaru, among other manufacturers, had to halt production at its Gunma plant as some of its important suppliers were affected by the typhoon.

Subaru suspended operations just before the deadly typhoon made landfall. According to the automaker, its factory suffered no major direct damage from the typhoon. In addition, no employees were injured either. The Gunma plant's operations continue to remain closed today as suppliers have been affected by widespread flooding, and a shortage of parts is expected. According to the automaker, the Gunma plant is expected to remain inoperative until October 25; only after then will operations return to normal.

Despite the main plant shutdown in Gunma, the automaker says their Indiana plant in the United States will continue production as normal. That said, the North American region will not experience any shortages in Subaru models.

The company is currently examining the final impact of the plant shutdown on its production plans and finances. The Gunma plant produces around 2,500 units on a daily basis. A further announcement will be made as the company deems necessary.

We hope the people of Japan, including Subaru, can recover quickly from the devastating typhoon that struck the country last week.