A few weeks ago, it was reported that Carlos Ghosn plans to make either a mini-series or movie out of his escape. If making a screenplay about it is in the works, they might have to add a new subplot to the story. The ex-special forces soldier who allegedly orchestrated the escape, along with his son, has been arrested by U.S authorities for smuggling Ghosn out of Japan.

U.S Marshals apprehended Michael Taylor and his son, Peter. The warrant was issued by Japanese courts. Since Japan and the U.S have extradition treaties in place, the two could face the charges in the issuing country's courts. At the time of writing, Japan has yet to submit a formal request for extradition. They have 45 days to submit a request to US courts.

Their charges? Aiding and abetting the escape of a wanted person; in this case, Carlos Ghosn. According to the Tokyo District Court, Peter Taylor allegedly visited Ghosn at least seven times. It is also said that he met up with Ghosn a day before the elaborate escape. Another person supposedly connected to the plan, George-Antoine Zayek, was also allegedly part of the plot. Tokyo prosecutors also said that Taylor and Zayek actively participated in the escape and that they captured by CCTV cameras in the Grand Hyatt hotel in Tokyo.

With the Taylors detained, the search is on for Zayek. However, that might prove a challenge as there is little information surrounding Zayek. The only thing that is certain about him from reports is that he worked for Peter and Michael Taylor's security firm. His current whereabouts are also unknown at this point.

As for Ghosn, Japanese authorities are having a difficult time getting him back to the country. Since Lebanon and Japan do not have an extradition treaty, extraordinary powers might be needed to capture the ex-Nissan boss. There is currently a 'red notice' issued by the Interpol for Ghosn. That makes him wanted in countries where the agency has jurisdiction. However, the Red Notice is not an arrest warrant, however, local police forces may tip off the Interpol for them to move in for the arrest.

But for now, Ghosn remains a fugitive in the eyes of the Japanese legal system. He is still maintaining his innocence, saying that he is a victim of a coup within Nissan.

Source: Reuters