Ride-sharing companies that were once deemed illegal are now officially registered transport services.

However, customers that plan to use Uber or GrabCar to pick them up from the airport won’t be able to rely on the ride-sharing apps as LTFRB has banned the company from picking up passengers from airports like the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) as compliance to regulations imposed by the air terminals.

According to the agency’s Memorandum Circular Number 2015-018, clause # 17 of the Terms and Conditions of Transportation Network Vehicle Service (TNVS) states that drivers from other transport network services are forbidden to pick up passengers at the airport unless authorized by the management.

Largely to blame for this is the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) as they have a policy that restricts passengers to use their own airport taxis which are notorious for being expensive.

An AutoIndustriya.com reader who wished anonymity recently shared a harrowing experience where she was charged an exhorbitant Php1400 by the Accredited Airport Taxi service for a trip from NAIA Terminal 3 to Caloocan City.

For now, Uber Manila has advised their customers that they are only permitted to transport customers to the airport as pick up services are not encouraged.

LTFRB Chairman Winston Ginez stated on their Twitter account that the 'no pick up in the airports' policy was originally embraced by other jurisdictions with their own regulations. Ginez added that the stakeholders of each TNVS were given consultations even before  copies of the draft issuances were declared.

Airports also have their own set of regulations and policies that transportation vehicles must abide by.

There is also the matter of Memorandum Circular Number 2015-016 where LTFRB already stated that transport services that fall under TNVS are banned from picking up passengers in the airport unless authorized by MIAA. As stated before, the newer M.C. Number 2015-18, #17 also mentions that such services are banned from picking up passengers at the airport.