Private hire company Uber has launched a new extension to the app by adding a carpooling service. Called POOL, the service aims to cut down congestion in the Metro that allows commuters to ride along with fellow Uber commuters, thus splitting the cost of the fare and lessen personal car usage.

Launched during the 29th anniversary of the LTFRB, POOL serves as an alternative to personal car ownership. To avail of the service, choose the Uber POOL option in the ride, enter the destination and request for a ride. The app then matches the user with another passenger headed the same way and the company ensures that the next person being picked up is no more than a few minutes away from the route.

When the trip is completed, payment is just like using Uber X and the riders will receive an electronic receipt in their e-mail. Furthermore, the fare per trip is 25 percent less than UberX whether the POOL pairs the user with another passenger or not. POOL will initially be available for journeys in Metro Manila.

“Uber POOL makes it easy and affordable for people going in the same direction to share the trip. It is carpooling at the push of a button. That means cheaper rides for the passengers and less congestion on the city's streets over time. So far in 2016, if Uber riders had driven alone instead of sharing their rides, we estimate that over 90 million more miles would have been traveled, consuming 6.8 million liters of gas and emitting 16,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide,” said Laurence Cua, general manager of Uber Philippines.