Have you ever thought about sharing an Uber ride with a complete stranger? If not, well these statistics may make you change your mind.

Uber has released a statement indicating that their newest program uberPool has been able to assist in reducing vehicular volume in Metro Manila in a little over a month after its implementation.

Since its introduction, 73,000 riders have used uberPool and based on Uber’s computation, these shared trips have reduced the travel of these commuters by 578,000 kilometers or more than 24,400 trips on EDSA.

Three connected trips in uberPool

“We are excited to share that with uberPool, we are able to get more people into fewer cars,” said Uber Philippines General Manager Laurence Cua.’’

Cua urges users to try out uberPool since it is 25-percent cheaper than UberX while servicing only up to three passengers who share the same route at a time.

The uberPool system ensures that each rider is never more than five to ten minutes out of their way even as each passenger is taken to their preferred destination.