Lexus has added pricing of LM on PH website

During the Lexus Showcase event in Japan, it was confirmed by Lexus International president himself Takashi Watanabe that the Philippine market is bound to have three all-new Lexus models by the start of 2024. Now it turns out Toyota's luxury brand is starting to roll off one of those three.

Ultra Alphard: 2024 Lexus LM tops out at PHP 11.8M image

The model that we're talking about is the all-new Lexus LM. And yes, we're happy to report that units of the luxury MPV are already starting to arrive in the country. In fact, a car spotter has recently seen the all-new LM on a trailer together with two Lexus LX units.

Lexus Philippines has also been mum when it comes to sharing information about the all-new LM, but it turns out all we need to do is check their official website. And once we did, it turned out they already added the new sticker price for the luxury MPV. The pricing starts at PHP 7.578 million for the 7-seater version, while the top-spec 4-seater variant retails for PHP 11.808 million.

Ultra Alphard: 2024 Lexus LM tops out at PHP 11.8M image

It's actually tricky to notice it on the Lexus PH website, as the picture still shows the outgoing LM. However, the name already says Lexus LM350h (the previous generation hybrid was called LM300h), which suggests the pricing belongs to the all-new model.

Apart from being obviously the MPV that offers higher levels of luxury, the difference between the all-new Lexus LM from the Alphard is that the Lexus has its power sent to all four wheels via the Lexus E-Four all-wheel-drive system, while the Toyota remains front-wheel drive.

Ultra Alphard: 2024 Lexus LM tops out at PHP 11.8M image

The story of the LM has been a bizarre one in the Philippine market as it turned out to be surprisingly one of the best-selling models of Lexus, despite unit supply difficulties in the past. Now that unit production is in a much better state compared to two years ago, we won't be surprised if the all-new LM becomes a more common sight on the roads soon.