UMC lowers price of Nissan Murano Z51, Patrol Royale


More affordable?

Universal Motors Corporation(UMC), the manufacturer and distributor of Nissan's larger models in the Philippines has just dropped the prices of two of their most expensive models: the Nissan Patrol Royale and the Nissan Murano Z51.

The Patrol Royale, which originally was priced at PhP 5,375,000, now costs PhP 4,995,000, which accounts for a PhP 380,000 price drop (7%).

The Murano Z51 experienced a far more significant drop, as the original PhP 3,100,000 price was lowered to PhP 2,398,000, representing a PhP 702,000 reduction (23%).

Both the Patrol Royale and Murano Z51 are covered by the JPEPA, allowing for lower tariffs on Japan-made/imported vehicles with engine displacements of 3.0 liters or larger, though it did take UMC a while to implement it.

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