During the most recent United Nations General Assembly, representatives discussed a resolution to further improve road and vehicle safety for all member nations. The call for the standardization of vehicle safety systems for both cars and bikes are listed in the Global Goals for Sustainable Development and the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety plan.

The resolution states: Member States that have not already done so to consider adopting policies and measures to implement United Nations vehicle safety regulations or equivalent national standards to ensure that all new motor vehicles, meet applicable minimum regulations for occupant and other road users protection, with seat belts, air bags and active safety systems fitted as standard;

Under the action plan, it endorses the standardization of active safety systems in cars and motorcycles for all UN member countries. These are also integral to the Global NCAP's (New Car Assesment Program) Stop the Crash Partnership which is currently campaigning not just occupant protection but collision prevention as well. Highlighted in the resolution is the standard fitment of electronic stability control (ESC), autonomous emergency braking (AEB) in cars and anti-lock braking system (ABS) for motorcycles.

Over 100 countries have marked the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety plan although it is unknown of the Philippines are among those who joined the campaign.