Just over a month ago, the MMDA gave word that the Metro Manila Council, composed of the mayors of the cities within Metro Manila, has approved the implementation of a single ticketing system for traffic violations within the metro.

Well, that system is set to be implemented today, March 1, and comes with it several stipulations. For instance, under the new system, a violator will not be issued a new ticket in another city if he/she has already received a ticket for the same violation. A violator, however, will still be issued another ticket for a different violation. According to abs-cbnnews.com, the MMDA is working on centralizing the fine system.

At the time of implementation, an apprehended motorist can proceed to the local government's traffic office (or equivalent) to pay the fine. The new, singular traffic ticketing system supercedes the individualized system implemented before.

Over the years, local government units have their own ticketing systems with their own fines on top of the MMDA's own ticketing system, running against the MMDA's 1995 charter that gives them the power to have a single ticketing system.