Unioil recently announced the rollout of its EuroDiesel IV fuel in all its stations. The company is the first to offer what it calls ‘the cleanest and most advanced diesel’ in all its service stations strategically located within Metro Manila and Luzon. The new Euro-IV compliant diesel fuel is a major step forward even as government will only be mandating the use of the fuel by 2016. 

EuroDiesel IV has the lowest sulfur content among the diesel fuels currently available in the market. It has 90% less sulfur at 50ppm, compared to 500ppm found in other diesel fuels that conform to the current law-mandated Euro II specification. Unioil claims that their fuel is fully compatible with older engines, which require sulfur as a lubricant additive, further adding that the required 5% coco-methyl ester (CME) additive more than sufficiently provides lubrication otherwise provided by sulfur. The lower sulfur content also contributes to a longer engine oil life, further reducing the environmental impact of vehicles.

It also boasts of a higher cetane number, which prevents pre-ignition (knocking) in modern high-performance diesel engines equipped with common rail direct injection (CRDI). This also improves acceleration and engine performance while reducing engine noise and vibration.

Unioil also revealed that it will be aggressively be expanding its retail network in the next two years. General Manager Chito Medina-Cue Jr. shared that they will be opening about 10-12 service stations by the end of 2013 in key locations in Metro Manila and parts of Luzon.

Medina-Cue also revealed that they would be offering a new premium gasoline product before the end of Q1 2013 to further strengthen its product portfolio. The new gasoline is said to have an octane rating of at least 97 RON for consumers who demand more performance out of their cars.