Nearly a year after officially introducing its EuroDiesel IV fuel, the county's pioneer clean fuel brand Unioil rolls out Euro-IV complaint gasoline products to their fuel lineup. This makes it the only company to offering a full lineup of Euro-IV compliant fuel products. Unioil will be offering three octane variants, Euro IV Gasoline 91, Euro IV Gasoline 95, and Euro IV Gasoline 97.

Unioil is now Euro IV compliant

"We believe we should not wait to act on improving our environment. We also believe that everyone deserves nothing less than the best products in the world. These are the reasons that compelled us to upgrade all our products to be Euro IV compliant," said Kenneth Pundanera, President of Unioil.

Punandera also assured customers that prices for their gasoline products will remain the same despite the upgrade. "To encourage consumers to use the cleaner fuel products."

Euro-IV complaint fuels are formulated to meet European emission standards requiring a maximum sulfur content of less than 50 ppm (parts per million). The Euro-IV fuel standard will be implemented in the Philippines by January 1, 2016 based on the provisions set by the Philippine Clean Air Act of 1999. The current Philippine standard only requires a maximum sulfur content of 500 ppm. Using a fuel with lower sulfur content results in cleaner emissions, better performance, and longer engine oil life.

"We have decided to make all our retail fuels Euro IV compliant because we believe that it is time to introduce this standard to the Philippine market. We want to cater to a wde variety of users with different types of engines and vehicles. We are making these products readily available because we want the Filipino consumers to be able to choose a more advanced, better performing and more eco-friendly fuel," said Luisito Medina-Cue Jr., General Manager of Unioil.

Recent tests conducted with the Environmental Management Bureau of the Department of Natural Resources (DENR), the EuroDiesel IV and Euro IV gasoline provides as much as 83% cleaner emissions compared to commercially available fuels.

Furthermore, Unioil claims their EuroDiesel IV and Euro IV gasoline products provide significant improvement in fuel efficiency and engine cleanliness, resulting in increased engine performance. Unioil Their gasoline products are E-10 compliant having a law mandated 10% ethanol content and contain state-of-the-art additives that protect the engine from the corrosive effects of ethanol, clean and improve engine conditions, and combustion quality.

"Vehicles manufactured from 2006 onwards mostly have Euro IV standard engines and should therefore be fueled with a Euro IV compliant fuel. By using lower grade fuels, they are downgrading their car's performance," added Medina-Cue.

Unioil currently has 33 service stations operating all over Luzon, with 3 stations opening soon. The company is targeting to operate a total of 60 stations within the next three years.